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Grade Seven

Maria Abrunhosa

    HOD Senior Phase
    Register Class: 7A
    Subjects: Mathematics Grade 7
    Extracurricular Activities: Remedial Mathematics, Netball, Athletics and Leader Workshops
    Interests: Soduko, camping, puzzles, running and quad bike riding.

Dieketseng Motai

    Acting HOD
    Register Class: 7M
    Subjects: Social Science Grade 7
    Extracurricular Activities: Fitness Training and Girls Soccer.
    Interests: Puzzels and reading.

Liezel Gouws

    Register Class: 7G
    Subjects: Afrikaans, E.A.T Grade 7
    Extracurricular Activities: Remedial, Fitness Training, Athletics and Mini Cricket.
    Interests: Walking, reading, camping, gym and puzzles.

Shalini Boysen

    Register Class: 7B
    Subjects: English Grade 6 and 7
    Extracurricular Activities: Remedial English and Eco-venture
    Interests: Reading, watching movies and cooking.

Kyle Knight

    Register Class: 7K
    Subjects: Technology Grade 7 and Physical Education Grade 7 and 3.
    Extracurricular Activities: Soccer and Cricket
    Interests: Soccer, sign language, fighting dragons and saving princesses.

Martha Hill

    Register Class: 7H
    Subjects: English
    Extracurricular Activities: Chess and Remedial English

Dia Retief

    Subjects: Natural Science Grade 7
    Extracurricular Activities: Marks Systems, Remedial Mathematics, Remedial English and Hockey.
    Interests: Reading, puzzles, crosswords and movies.

Mzwake Tsotetsi

    Subjects: EMS Grade 7. Physical Education Grade 2,4 and 5. Computers Grade 5.
    Extracurricular Activities: Soccer and Cricket
    Interests: Soccer

Marie Lubbe

    Grade Leader - Grade 7
    Subjects: Performing Arts Grade 4-6. Drama Grade 7.
    Extracurricular Activities: Mini Cricket, Singing and Dancing
    Interests: Nature and Conservation, Cosplay, performing arts, cricket and music.

Juwehaan Blignaut

    Mathematics Grade 7 Intern
    Extracurricular Activities: Cricket and Athletics
    Interests: The great outdoors, music and deep sea fishing.