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Springvale Primary School admitted its first pupils in Grades I and 2 only, in 1981. In 1982, pupils from Standards 1 – 5 were admitted. In the same year, the school’s first permanent Principal, Miss Maria Werner, was appointed.

Today the school is served by a capable and dedicated staff of teachers of whom we are justifiably proud off. An increasingly sophisticated range of teaching aids have been made available to teachers for the benefit of our pupils.

The year 1983 was another eventful year for Springvale. On 30 March, the official opening took place when the then Administrator of the Transvaal, the Honourable Mr W.A. Cruywagen, unveiled a plaque commemorating its establishment.

At Springvale Primary School we believe that education is vital to a child’s growth. We believe that a child learns more than his set lessons, however, and that the ideals learnt in Primary School will be of lasting value in his or her life.

The child learns also to relate to his or her fellow pupils; to respect authority; and to become a future good citizen of our country.

These beliefs are expressed in the words of our Credo.

School Houses

When this school decided to name its four houses after four of the ships which brought the 1820 Settlers to this country, we went further than merely choosing appropriate names from the history of the English-speaking South Africans, we also associated ourselves with the maritime heritage of this country and acknowledged the importance of the sea to South Africa, not only in the past, but also at present and in the future.




The South African Navy has named two of its units after two 1820 Settler ships in acknowledgment of the important part played in South Africa’s history – namely SAS CHAPMAN – which is the base Headquarters in Simon’s Town for our minesweeper flotillas, and SAS NAUTILUS – one of our Seaward Defence vessels whose job it is to guard the approaches to our harbours.


HMS OCEAN and HMS AURORA are both warships in the Royal Navy. OCEAN was the name given to several ships including a light Aircraft Carrier, but the most famous ship of the line that was used by Admiral Lord Collingwood during the sea battles against France and Spain nearly 200 years ago. HMS AURORA is presently serving in the Royal Navy as an anti-submarine Frigate.

Coat of Arms

Our coat of arms registered:

This was registered at the Bureau of Heraldry on 20 February 1984 after extensive research was conducted by a small group of parents and teachers.


Gules, a sword and a key in sallure and in base two barrulets ways wavy, the whole within an orle.


The sword, which denotes the motto, is the strongest character and indicates strength.

The key indicates wisdom and knowledge.

The lines wavy represent the spring from which the farm, originally situated on the same site as the present school, took its name.

The red background is a strong, majestic colour and the gold lines wavy, sword and key form a rich contrast.