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Sport's Uniform


Summer Uniform


Winter Uniform



  • Regulation school uniform to be worn to school on a daily basis.
  • Full school uniform or sport uniform to be worn to all official functions and/or sporting events.
  • Shirts tucked in
  • No rolled up sleeves
  • Black belts to be worn with long pants
  • Socks not to be rolled
  • Only black school shoes. White tackies for sport.
  • All garments should be of the correct size and fit properly
  • Red shorts will replace white shorts for Physical Education uniform.
  • Red shorts are available at the uniform shop.

Hair – Girls

  • Neatly tied back if hair is touching shoulders.
  • Clips or ribbons are to be in school colours (white or red).
  • Braiding is allowed, however, no hair extensions & beads.
  • Hair should be kept clean and kept away from the eyes.
  • No colourants.
  • A silver/gold stud or sleeper may be worn as earrings.
  • No “sunlight twirls” or gel

Hair – Boys

  • Should be clear of the ears and eyes and off the collar. Should be kept clean.
  • No “tails” or “steps”.
  • “Brush” cut number 4 permissible.
  • No fashion, freaky or funky hairstyle will be allowed.
  • No earrings.
  • No hair colourants for boys.
  • No “sunlight twirls” or gel.


  • No jewellery to be worn except watches and “medic alert” discs.


  • Nails not to extend over finger tips and no nail varnish to be worn.