This was registered at the Bureau of Heraldry on 20 February 1984 after extensive research was

conducted by a small group of parents and teachers.





Gules, a sword and a key in sallure and in base two barrulets ways wavy, the whole within an orle.





The sword, which denotes the motto, is the strongest character and indicates strength.



The key indicates wisdom and knowledge.



 The lines wavy represent the spring from which the farm, originally situated on the same site

as the present school, took its name.




The red background is a strong, majestic colour and the gold lines wavy, sword and key form a rich contrast.







The school offers its pupils participation in all the major sports including athletics, hockey, soccer, cricket, tennis, and netball.

A Sports Association was formed in 1987 to complement the role that the staff play in offering participation in sport and strives towards the following objectives:




To promote sport and participation in sport among the pupils of the school.




To assist the pupils of the school in raising the standard of their performances on the sports

field through coaching and competition.




To promote more active participation by parents in their children’s sporting activities and in the sporting activities of the school.




 To assist the staff and the pupils of the school to build and maintain a high standard of achievement in sport.




While striving to achieve the above-mentioned objectives, to promote the correct conduct, dress and rules of each sport

and a healthy and gentlemanly attitude to participation therein.